How Much Does A Dental Crown Cost In Snellville, GA?

How Much Does A Dental Crown Cost In Snellville, GA?

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A dental crown repairs and protects a damaged tooth. Crowns can also restore teeth that need root canal treatment. In Snellville, GA, a dental crown typically costs between $1000 and $1,700, depending on its size and location.

Reasons Teeth Need Crowns

The most common reason teeth need crowns is excessive dental decay that a doctor cannot repair with a filling. Crowns can strengthen weak teeth. They can repair cracked and broken teeth and restore teeth that undergo root canals/

Crowns can also anchor dental bridges and complete dental implant restoration. They may also cover cosmetic flaws like staining and discoloration.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

  • Preserve natural teeth from extraction
  • Keeps natural teeth from moving into the wrong positions
  • Repair weak or eroded teeth
  • Provide better chewing function
  • Improve your appearance
  • Improve your oral health

The Dental Crown Process

To make a dental crown, the dentist will first take digital or physical impressions to model your bite and the shape and size of your teeth. Next, the dentist prepares the tooth, removing decayed or damaged areas and creating a shape that securely holds the crown. The dentist takes another set of impressions to shape the inside of the crown and ensure a perfect fit.

You may receive a temporary crown, often made of resin, to cover your prepared tooth while the lab makes the final product.

Same-Day Crowns

Oak Road Dentistry frequently uses the CEREC system to create crowns in one day. Milled ceramic CEREC crowns are equal to, if not stronger, than traditional dental lab crowns. Using the CEREC system, the dentist can take digital impressions, prepare your tooth, and send you home with a permanent crown the same day or the next.

This process allows you to skip the hassle of receiving a temporary crown and waiting an extended time for your final restoration to arrive from the lab.

Caring For a Dental Crown

Taking care of your new permanent crown is easy. These restorations need no more care than healthy, natural teeth. Brush and floss as your dentist recommends. Ensure that you remove all plaque and food particles from around the base of the crown. See your dentist if the crown breaks or falls out immediately. If you save the crown, you can often have it cemented in place again.

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Crowns are long-lasting restorations. Proper home care can help a dental crown last five to 15 years. Some crowns last for decades if you are careful to maintain them.

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