How Do You Whiten Sensitive Teeth?

How Do You Whiten Sensitive Teeth?

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Teeth whitening is a safe, commonly performed dental procedure that uses peroxide gel to break down and eliminate stains. In the past, people with sensitive teeth were often discouraged from seeking whitening treatments. Still, today, professional whitening supervised by your dentist can give you a brilliant smile without causing undue discomfort.

Benefits of At-Home Professional Teeth Whitening

Brightens Teeth Gradually

Teeth whitening can take care of years of stains and combat yellowing from natural aging. At-home whitening produces a gradual, more subtle transition to your new smile rather than giving a maximum whitening effect in one session. For busy professionals, this technique can help make the look more natural.

More Affordable

At-home professional whitening typically costs slightly less than chairside whitening, giving you an option that fits your budget.

Gentle Yet Effective

Professional whitening treatments are gentler on your teeth and gums than harsh over-the-counter products. Dentists can use special sensitivity products and updated techniques to make you comfortable.

How At-Home Professional Whitening Works

The first step in at-home professional whitening is visiting the dentist for a consultation. The dentist will discuss your goals with you and find out what results you would like to see. They will create impressions of your teeth in order to make custom whitening trays for you to wear at home. These trays will hold the gel on your teeth and provide an easy, convenient treatment process.

Treatment length and frequency depend on the product used and your desired results. Typical patients with sensitive teeth wear whitening trays for about one hour at a time, once daily.

Tips to Whiten Sensitive Teeth at Home

  • Follow at-home whitening instructions as closely as possible
  • Use fluoride rinses and toothpaste
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush
  • Limit cold and hot foods and beverages during treatment

Avoid Over-the-Counter Whitening Products

You may believe over-the-counter products are gentler than professional whitening, but the reverse is true. Over-the-counter whitening products, especially those found online, are not regulated. They may contain a much higher percentage of peroxide than professional formulas. They can damage teeth and gums and cause extreme sensitivity and discomfort. Avoid buying any whitening products from online ads or any unknown brand.

Over-the-counter products sold in grocery stores and pharmacies are more likely to be used safely. They have lower concentrations of active ingredients and work more gradually than other methods. Still, these products can also cause extreme sensitivity if not used strictly according to the package directions. Trust your dentist to help you whiten your teeth.

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